HungryHungry FAQ

Answers to some of the most common questions we get asked.

What do you mean by fulfillment?

Hungry refers to each of our 'Order Types' or Products as Fulfillments. For example, we would refer to Order@Table, Delivery, Drive-Up, Pick-Up & Room Service as different fulfilments. 

How does my menu sync between OrderMate POS and HungryHungry?

HungryHungry was built to work with OrderMate POS! The menu you’ve already set up in the POS gets imported into HungryHungry - we do this by creating a new price level so we can determine what needs to be imported. Once the items arrive in HungryHungry, all you have to do is add descriptions and photos (if you want). You will need to do another import from the POS anytime you make changes so they can appear online.

How do the orders appear in the POS?

Pick-Up, Drive-Up or Delivery Orders placed online will appear in your POS home screen and they will be flashing to grab your staff’s attention.

Order@Table orders will process straight through.

All the items ordered will print just as if they were ordered in the POS, meaning that all of your existing notifiers, and printer setup will work seamlessly!

How does the customer know how long their order will be?

If you use OOHUB, you can accept the order and set an ETA time which it will then notify the customer via an SMS.

For POS you can do similar and enter the ETA time. This will automatically be sent to your customer via SMS! You also have the option to turn on our “auto-ETA” function which can SMS a pre-set ETA to your customers immediately.

How do I get paid?

We will do a bank transfer each week to your nominated bank account. We reconcile the orders automatically and the transfers will take place on Tuesday. You will receive an email statement of all orders that have been paid, with a full breakdown of charges. Our payment cycle is Monday-Sunday.

Can I hide items or sections that are not available online?

Absolutely! You can also set items as sold out.

What happens with the customer’s data? Who owns it?

You get the details collected for each and every customer that orders from you. These details are sent into OrderMate POS along with the order, so you can import these customers into My GuestList or a marketing package of your choosing. Customer details are also stored in Hungry Hungry so that your customers can check-out quicker with saved addresses, email and payment details.

I have multiple locations, can I use one HungryHungry account?

Yes! HungryHungry has a location selector page that will display the locations closest to your customer. You can also have your locations on separate sites but connected to the one backend.

How do I add HungryHungry to my website?

Simply create a button or link on your website to point to your HungryHungry page. If you’d like to mask the URL with your own domain, this can be done too. You’ll need to purchase your own SSL certificate though, and our tech team will be more than happy to chat with you about the process. Reach out to us if you need help with either of these things!

How do I add HungryHungry to my Facebook?

You can easily add an “Order” button to your Facebook that will link the customer to your HungryHungry page. [Article Here]

I don’t have a website, can I still get HungryHungry?

Yes, by signing up with HungryHungry, you will have your very own ordering website. You can add your own domain name to this if you like, our team will be able to go through this process with you. We are also partnered with Google, so we will set up Google my Business on your behalf so your HungryHungry page can easily be found in search.

What happens if I need to do a refund?

You can easily process a full or partial refund, we have a whole article on this here.