Opening hours

To change opening hours please login to your admin portal;

HungryHungry gives you a lot of control over your store's opening hours, these can be set for public holidays as well as your regular opening hours:

These can be configured in the top menu, under "Change Store Setup" | "Opening Hours":

There's 3 settings for opening hours:

  • Week Opening Hours: your standard weekly opening hours.
  • Closed Dates: Specific dates that your store is closed (eg: public holidays).
  • Custom Dates: Specific dates that your store has different opening hours.

 Week Opening Hours

This allows you to specify an open and close time for each day of the week. You can also click "Add hours for Monday" to add a split time (for example, if your store is open 9am-1pm and 5pm-9pm).

Note the "closed" checkbox. If the store is closed for the day, it'll be highlighted in red.


Closed Dates

Closed Dates allow you to specify a date range (or single day) for which your store is closed.


If the store is closed over multiple calendar months, select a new date range for each. Note that Closed Dates override Custom Dates.


Custom Dates

Custom Dates allow you to specify a date range (or single day) for which your store has different opening hours. These will override the Weekly Opening Hours.


Previewing Opening Hours

After adding opening hours, click the "Upcoming Open/Close times" tab to see a preview of your open times for the next 2 weeks.



Attaching Opening Hours to a Location

This guide will help to indicate opening hours to a specific location (also applies to multiple locations).


After setting up opening hours, open the location that you want to use these hours in the “Store Info” page.

Select the fulfillment type “Delivery/Pickup tab” and choose the opening hours for each type (eg. Delivery, Pickup, Dine in). Note that each location/fulfillment can have different opening hours.


Example 1. Location: Cowandilla; Fulfillment type: Delivery


Example 2. Location: Cowandilla; Fulfillment type: Pickup