Opening hours


HungryHungry gives you a lot of control over your store's opening hours and it's super easy for you to change these when you need to.

In the backend of HungryHungry you can change you usual opening hours, set custom closures dates or set custom openings hours. The video below is a step by step guide on how to change your opening hours:

Closing your HungryHungry site during service

If you would like to turn off one of your fulfillments during service, you can do this in the backend of HungryHungry. For example if you are offering Pick Up and Delivery and just want to focus on Pick Up orders, you can turn off Delivery in the backend.

The below video guide will show you how to firstly separate your Pick Up and Delivery hours and then close one of your fulfillments. Just remember if you close the store, remember to log back in and open it again when you are ready.

** Remember you can always use Order Throttling to manage the flow of orders and limit the amount of orders you receive in a 15 minute window. See here for further information.