Menu Editor

Effortless Navigation with HungryHungry: Exploring the Menu Editor for Seamless Menu Management

The Menu Editor feature in HungryHungry provides you with a clear overview of all the items you currently have on your menu. You can locate this by going to Change Menu Items and selecting Menu Editor

Within the Menu Editor, the range of tasks you can carry out depends on whether you are operating as a Standalone Solution or a POS Integrated venue. The accompanying videos offer an in-depth guide on how to make the most of the Menu Editor based on your unique configuration.

Regardless of being a Standalone Solution or a POS Integrated venue, the Menu Editor is undeniably the ideal location for accomplishing the following tasks:

  • Viewing all of your Items and Menu Sections.
  • Uploading your Item Photos.
  • Adding your Item Descriptions.
  • Sequencing your Items. 
  • Verifying the status of an item to determine if it is currently active.

🚨 Please be sure of your setup and watch the according video below. If you are unsure, reach out to our Customer Care Heros for assistance! 

Menu Editor - Standalone Solution

Menu Editor - POS Integration (OrderMate, Doshii, Deliverect) 

Menu Editor - POS Integration (H&L Direct)


🔥 Hot Tip! We recommend cropping your images to a square before uploading. You can use this awesome tool or refer to our Imagery Guide!

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