Imagery Guide

Adding images to your menu items is a fantastic way to elevate your menu and improve your customer’s experience.

Menu Essentials

To get your menu up and running we will require you to provide us with the below image essentials:

  • Logo - Your logo will need to be at least 1000px in size and will be the first thing customers will see on your menu. It will need it to have a transparent background however your Onboarding Specialist can assist with this if needed as well!

  • Banner - Your banner image will also appear at the top of your menu, so again it's really important to choose a great shot for this. We recommend using product shots or a photo of your venue's setting. Your banner image will need to be 2000px wide and flexible on height.

You can take a look at some of our current restaurant partners' menu sites to get some inspiration for a banner image here.

Individual Product Shots: Style Guide

We know it can be hard to get those great shots of your food for the gram, however when it comes to digital menus and online ordering it is super important!

We have some tips and tricks for making your own food photos and can refer you to a great online site where you can find a photographer within your price range to come to your venue and snap your menu professionally!

Our top tips for iPhone food photography:

  1. Always take photos in natural daylight, preferably indoors. This ensures light to get nice quality images, however, being inside it is not too harsh or bright.
  2. Have a neutral-colored background or table so as to not distract the eye from your amazing food.
  3. Shoot from the best angle. The same angle does not always work for different foods (for example a burger could not be photographed at bird's eye).
  4. Crop to Square before uploading, you can use this awesome tool.
  5. We require the photos to be 1000px by 1000px.

Alternatively, if you want some professional shots done we can organize this for you! If you are interested, please get in touch with your Onboarding Specialist, Customer Success Manager, or Account Manager for further details on cost and how to organize.

Uploading Item Images to HungryHungry

It's really simple to upload your photos in the backend of HungryHungry. Here are some instructions to guide you through the process: 

Files must be less than 10MB. Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.

  1. Navigate to Change Menu Items and select Menu Editor
  2. Filter using the Price Level or Menu Section to locate the item/s you want to add images to. 
  3. Select ‘Choose File’ next to the item you’re wanting to upload the image to. 
  4. Upload the image. 
  5. Once any and all images have been uploaded, simply Save and Publish your changes. 

If you’re wanting to upload images to your combos, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to Change Menu Items and select Combos
  2. Select your Combo from the left-hand side. 
  3. Navigate to the Media tab. 
  4. Select ‘Choose file’ and upload your image.
  5. Save & Publish your changes!

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