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Greet & Seat Script

We've put together a script to assist your team with being able to introduce HungryHungry to your customers.

Greet customers as normal! Take the customer(s) to the table. 

* Table pre-set without physical menus. 

"Our full menu is available digitally and is accompanied by images through this QR code, so you can now order and pay from your table. Have you tried contactless ordering before?”

  • If YES >>  "Great, just scan this code and feel free to put a couple of drinks through, and then we can get them out to you while you browse the food menu.'
  • If NO >> “No problem, it’s really easy. Just scan the QR code with your phone’s camera and start by putting through a couple of drinks or entrees. It will remember your payment details for up to 24 hours, to make re-ordering as easy as possible. You can continue to put through as many orders as you like & we will bring everything out to you as it’s ready."

STAFF: “I’ll get back to you in a few minutes with your drinks and check in if you have any questions about the menu."

Leave them to explore the menu for 3-5mins. Before going back to the table, check the bar to see if any order is being prepared. If it is, bring the drinks to the table and ask how they’re going with the food menu.

STAFF:Here’s your drink order, how are you going with the menu? Do you have any questions or need help with anything?”

If they’re still browsing, great! If they’re struggling, stay at the table and assist them through the checkout process until they get that first order sent.


If you see your customer struggling, there’s no need to push them. You can still take orders at the table, but preferably, customers will order through HungryHungry.

View our FAQ for Venu Staff here 😊