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FAQ For Venue Staff

Here you will find the answers to some common questions asked regarding HungryHungry, as well as some answers to assist you with how to use HungryHungry!

What is QR ordering?

QR ordering is a form of contactless ordering that allows you to scan, order & pay from your phone. Once you’ve scanned the QR, you will be taken to our visual menu & from there are able to customise your order.

Why should I order through the QR code?

The QR takes you to our digital menu, which can be filtered by both menu section and dietary requirements and provides imagery for each dish. QR ordering assists us in giving you the best service we can, instead of spending time stressing about your order, we can make sure your drinks are flowing, your meal timing works and everything about your dining experience is perfect for you!

Will our food come out together?

Yes, even if you’re ordering on different devices, your order will be held for a set amount of time, giving others at the table time to send their order at the same time.

I think I have opened a tab, what do I do?

HungryHungry has a Tab feature so you can share your meal with friends but pay on one card. If you have opened a tab by mistake I can close this for you, it will take the usual bank processes to be available in your account again. Feel free to use the tab however, anything you don’t spend on your pre-authorised amount is returned to your bank after you have closed the Tab.

Why does the TAB take money from my account?

Your created Tab has preauthorized the set dollar amount you assigned, this is to protect both venues and you as the customer, you cant select a value you don’t have causing stress later, and the venue can be confident that while the drinks and food are flowing they will be able to receive payment at the end of your time dining.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay, All Major Credit Cards,

Will HH remember my details?

Yes, HungryHungry will remember your details for 24 hours, to make it easier for you to order again. If you create an account, your account details will be saved the next time you log in.

Can I make menu items unavailable if we run out?

Yes, all items and options can be made unavailable through the ‘Change Menu Items’ tab under ‘Item Availability’ & ‘Option Availability’.

Can I change the store opening hours?

Yes, this can be done under ‘Opening Hours’ under the ‘Change Store Setup’ tab.

Can I close the store if I need?

Yes, this is located in the Opening Hours section, in which you can toggle the days on & off.

Can I refund a HH order?

Yes, if a customer chooses the wrong item or has selected a sold-out item before you were able to action this, you can easily refund the necessary amount on the HH backend that is logged in on the office computer. The ‘Sales and Refunds’ sections can be found in the Store Earnings and Reports tab. 

How do these orders go through to the POS?

Our integration with OrderMate allows us to send orders from the customer's phone, onto a table in the POS, as the customer pays when ordering, the table is cashed off straight away & the docket prints to the corresponding printers.

Is there anyone I can ask for help while on shift?

Yes, our customer care team is available 24/7 and can be contacted on 1300 992 650 or can be contacted through the chat box on the HH backend. Our chat box also allows you to request a call from customer care, submit a ticket, find a guide & book training sessions.

How can I perform a menu health check to make sure my menu is correct?

You can perform a health check whenever you feel you need to, however, we recommend performing one if your HungryHungry has been closed for more than 7 days or you have updated your menu. You can do this by checking any item you know has option groups, and confirm they are correct. We also recommend placing an order of 1 item per menu section, to confirm printing and order batching (if turned on) are working. You can then refund this order, with the steps above.  Our customer care team is available 24/7 and can be contacted on 1300 992 650 or can be contacted through the chat box on the HH backend.

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