Additions and Subtractions for Items

Want customers to be able to add cheese to their burger? Remove olives from their pizza? This guide will help you set that up.

IMPORTANT: Please note this guide is for non-integrated customers, if you have your POS system integrated with HungryHungry, these changes will need to be made in your POS system.

1. Head to the Change Menu Items tab in your HungryHungry backend. Then, under Items, select the item you wish to add additions and/or subtractions

2. Under the Ingredients tab, choose Additions or Subtractions

3. To add Additions, click on the ingredient and make it visible in the menu item customizer. You can also change the minimum and maximum quantity here, or set the sequence of the additions. Once done editing, make sure to hit Save.
4. To add Subtractions, simply search for the ingredient and enable its visibility, and Save.

If you have groups of additions that you would like to add to an item, this is also easy to do. Please click here to see our guide on addition groups.

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