Wait Time

Kitchen getting slammed? Is there going to be a wait for food? Let your customers know as soon as they start to order with a custom message.

  1. Click on Change Store Setup and select Store Info. 
  2. Select the location you want to add the wait time to and then select Fulfilments and then select the Dine in fulfillment. 
  3. Toggle on 'Enable Wait Time' and pick the desired time (e.g. 45 Minutes)
  4. Then you can put in a wait time custom message. This is what the customer will see once they've placed an order (e.g. Drinks from the bar will be right out!). 
  5. You can then select how long you want the wait time and message to appear before it goes off. 
  6. Then simply save your changes! 

If the food is going to take longer than the drinks we recommend putting in a message so the customer has the correct expectations.


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