Taking your menu to the next level

Using HTML coding to improve the visual appeal of your menu

When putting the final touches on your menu such as photos and descriptions. We do not have the same functionality of most Word programmes to apply decorative features such as BoldItalic or Underline. However! There is a beautiful language called HTML coding that can assist us here. It may be a bit daunting at first, but is a very fun and powerful tool to have in your arsenal for future use. In this article, we will list the basic coding that  will make a huge difference to the visual appeal of your menu!


How to use HTML Coding

To make changes to text, we start with a left (<) and right (>) angle bracket with the desired code in between them. Then to stop the changes, we use the same left (<) and right (>) angle brackets and add in a '/' infront of the code.


Here are the most common codes we use.


<b> </b> = BOLD

<i> </i> = ITALIC

<u> </u> = Underline

<br> = break (this will start a new sentence on the line below)


Here is an example of how this translates in a sentence.


Front End

The store is now open for business

Come on in!


Back End 

The <b>store</b> is now open for <u>business</u>! <br> <i> Come on in! </i>