You can set up a scheduled surcharge to add an additional percentage to all orders on a particular date

Great for Public Holidays.

1. Hover your mouse to "Change Store Set Up" and click "Store Info" 


2. Click the store location on the left side. 


3. Click on "Advanced"


4. Make sure to tick "Surcharge" and from there you can fill out all the information needed to complete it. 

5. Lastly don't forget to click on "Save"

Video Walk Through

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of surcharges can I set?
    We support a % fee, applied at the Location level for a single day or set of continuous days.
  2. Can I set it in advance?
    Yes. You can set it for a future date range, and it will be applied for those day(s). However, you can currently only set it for the next holiday (so you couldn’t go and schedule it for multiple dates). We recommend setting yourself calendar reminders when you need to make sure surcharges are set up for upcoming dates. 
  3. How does it send to POS?
    It will be added as an adjustment, the same as a Promo Code or Delivery. We have plans for a tighter POS integration, but it won’t be done for this Christmas period.
  4. Will it be applied to Delivery, Tips and Promo Codes?
    It’ll be applied to the total after promo codes but before Tips and Delivery.