Stock Countdown

Through HungryHungry, you can now add stock quantity to a menu item or option.

Stock Countdown allows you to seamlessly manage your item and option availability - making it the perfect solution for any event menu, or even if you're faced with limited stock on a particular day! 

How to use Stock Countdown: 

  1. Go to Change Menu Items > Item Availability or Option Availability.
  2. Search for the Item/Option you'd like to edit. 
  3. Add the amount of stock you have for that Item/Option within 'Stock Remaining'. 
  4. Select Save.

Each time a customer purchases this Item/Option, the stock count will be reduced. Once it reaches 0, the Item/Option will show as Out of Stock for the customer.

Stock Countdown

How to manage Stock Countdown: 

Once you're within either Item Availability or Option Availability - here are some tips:

  1. When an Item/Option has been marked as Out of Stock, you will just need to either replenish the amount within 'Stock Remaining' or remove the '0' within 'Stock Remaining' and toggle on 'Available' for unlimited stock. It will not automatically be marked as available. 
  2. Stock Countdown applies across all Price Levels
  3. You can select 'Clear All' to either clear all Stock Countdowns, or to clear all Stock Countdowns and set every Item/Option as available
  4. You cannot apply Stock Countdown to the overall Collection Group (Pepperoni Pizza - Small, Large, Gluten Free) but you can adjust the Stock Countdown for each individual size

Our team will initially need to enable this for you, so please reach out if you're interested in knowing more! 

Stock Countdown does not adhere to Price Levels, so we would absolutely recommend getting in touch with our team to have a further conversation on how this feature would work for your venue 😊

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