Setting Up Your Bar in HungryHungry

This article is a Bartenders Guide with Tips&Tricks on how to offer the same service in HungryHungry

Getting a drink perfect is the aim of the game and HungryHungry can make it even easier for you! 

Each venue is different, however below are a few tips & tricks when setting up alcohol and selling spirits:  


  • You can have individual spirits and then have an ‘option’ group for mixers. 

  • You can have a ‘Quick List’ your top 5 best-mixed drinks, ie. Gin&Tonic.And then within that drink listing as an option, you can list the available Gins. This sometimes enables a customer to pick what they want quickly and easily but also allows you to upsell them a nicer spirit with the options being listed below. 

  • Remember to have options for your Whiskeys to be ‘Neat’ 

  • Remember to have options to add and/or remove fruit ie. Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Thyme 

  • Make an exclusive HungryHungry Drink or Price to get people to order via HungryHungry 




  • Add an option for you to supply them a garnish in a small takeaway container such as a rim for a cocktail or a fruit garnish 

  • Supply a build your own cocktail kit: With either bottle of spirits to build the cocktail or smaller sample bottles with each spirit enough to build 1 or 2 cocktails. 

  • Create SIMPLE cocktails that Travel well and have a simple garnish easy to transport 

  • Offer a $1 refund or $1 off if they return the glass bottle/jar from a previous cocktail order