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Setting up your HungryHungry Order Manager

Open for business!

Now that your site is built and you have our Order Manager app downloaded onto your Samsung Tab 7 (10.1 inch screen).  It's time to get you ready to manage incoming orders.

If you do not have the tablet mentioned above. Please see our other guide for OOHub.

Logging In

The login details for the backend of your HungryHungry are the same that are used for the Order Manager. You can find these in your Ready to Go! email your onboarder sent you...

Pop those in and hit Sign In...

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 2.46.40 pm

Navigating the Order Manager

Here is the main screen where you will spend most of your time. Customer orders are displayed on the left hand side underneath the New & Completed tabs. Details of the order are displayed next to them in the larger area.

In the top right hand corner is your side bar. This will give you quick and easy access to your stores backend, sales and refunds and customer support! You can also adjusting a number of settings for the tablet here too. Including... switching it to Dark Mode! Ooooohhhhh!


Connect your Bluetooth Printer




If you have a bluetooth printer and you need to connect it. This printer device must already be connected to your tablet through its bluetooth settings for it to appear... so make sure you have done that first!


Open up the sidebar and select Printer Setup.


Click on Bluetooth Printer


Select your printer and set it to active. You can then toggle how many copies of docket print at the bottom of the screen.



Managing Incoming Orders

Along the top of the screen are the different fulfilment methods used by your store. These can include Pick Up, Delivery, Order @ Table, Room Service and Collect @ Counter.

To make service easy to track, these fulfilment's will have numbers alongside them that correspond to the number of orders that haven't been completed yet. If you want to monitor one fulfilment in particular, you can select it above... otherwise you can select ALL to see all order types.

For order types that require an ETA. This will be the first notification that appears on the screen when that order comes in. You can either confirm this time straight away or you can adjust it. Select Confirm & Send SMS so the customer receives a notification to their phone with that time they can expect their order to be ready for collection or arrive at their door.

Once the order has been completed, simply select the order and hit Complete in the top right corner. Once orders have been marked as Complete. They will be moved from the 'New' tab to the 'Completed' tab.

If you need to reopen this order for some reason, swap over to the Completed tab and find your order, then hit Reopen (Hint : It's in the exact same spot as Complete was when you were in the New tab..!). To help navigate your long list of orders further... you can also filter Completed orders by the fulfilment type too!

HungryHungry also fully supports pre-ordering. If you wanted to monitor orders for upcoming days, simply choose that day from the list of days above New and Completed. You can navigate everything exactly the same way you do for Today's orders... up to 60 days days in advance!

Lastly, for venues that are accepting cash.

Cash orders will display an UNPAID symbol beneath the order time as well as print this on the docket several times so it is not overlooked! We'd hate for you to miss that information!

All other payment methods however have been completed through the website so you can rest easy knowing that the money is on its way to you and all you need to do is give the customer their order!