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Mastering Promo Codes: How to Maximise Discounts and Boost Customer Satisfaction

HungryHungry offers a simple way to generate promo codes that grant your customers exclusive discounts when they place an order. You have the flexibility to establish different limitations for these promo codes, giving you complete control over their usage, including the specific conditions and timing.

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Steps to Create a Promo Code

  1. Start by logging into your HungryHungry account.
  2. Navigate to the Hooked (Marketing) section and choose "Promo Code" from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on "Add New Promo Code" to access the Promo Code Wizard.
  4. In the first step, select the Campaign Type based on your desired discount method: Percentage Discount, Fixed Amount, Free Item, or Free Delivery. Enter the relevant details for your chosen campaign type and click "Next."
  5. Proceed to specify the validity of the promo code. You can either set it to run indefinitely or select a specific date range. If you choose a date range, you can further customise the times of the week during which the promo code will be active (e.g., Monday and Tuesday, or Friday between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM).
  6. Next, determine the eligible location(s) where the promo code can be applied. You can make it available for all locations or restrict it to a specific one. Additionally, select the fulfillment options (e.g., Delivery and Pick-Up) for which the promo code will be valid. Click "Next" once you're done.
  7. The final steps involve entering your Campaign Name, Description, and Promo Code, along with any Additional Text. You also have the option to enable or disable the Terms & Conditions feature. Customise these details to your liking.
  8. Once you are satisfied with the final setup, click "Complete" to finish the process!


  • We highly recommend conducting a test of your promo code to ensure it meets your desired appearance and functionality.
  • Additionally, you can effortlessly share the promo code link on various platforms such as Facebook, other social media platforms, or even within an Email Marketing Campaign.
  • If you select a time range for the promo code, this will work with pre-ordering capabilities. 

Video Walk-Through

Steps to Editing a Promo Code 

  1. Log into your HungryHungry account. 
  2. Navigate to Hooked (Marketing) and select Promo Code from the dropdown menu. 
  3. Click on the title of your Promo Code that you're wanting to edit. 
  4. From here you can edit the Title, Description, Promo Code Text, Date Range, and Discount Type. 
  5. If you select the Share tab, you can also share your promo code directly on Facebook or get the link to share on your socials or through an email blast! 


  • To maintain the functionality of your promo code within a Direct Marketing Campaign, it is crucial not to modify the Promo Code Text. Any changes made to the text will render the SMS messages your customers received inactive, preventing them from accessing the promo code.
  • Promo codes CANNOT have the same name as a past code even if the past code is expired - all codes need to be unique.

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