Pre-Ordering & Lead Time

Allow orders up to 60 days in advance and adjust the lead time for accepting orders. Here is how:

  1. Navigate to Change Store Setup and then Store Info
  2. Select your location and navigate to the Fulfilments tab along the top. 
  3. You can configure different pre-order days and lead times for Pick-Up, Drive-Up, and Delivery - so it’s best to keep that in mind as you will have to edit them individually. 
  4. Select a fulfillment and then adjust the ‘Maximum Pre-Order Days’. If it’s set to one, it's the same day, if you set it two you’re opening it up for an additional day, and so on. 
  5. The next thing you can alter is ‘Minimum Order Lead Time’. You can set it up to 72 hours in advance if you’d like, it’s totally up to how much notice you’ll need! How much lead time you can add is dependent on how many pre-order days you have in advance.
  6. Once you’ve adjusted the settings, simply Save and Publish your changes.

Note: Activating pre-ordering is applied to the entire fulfillment and cannot only be applied to certain items.

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