Ready to Serve Pin Access

You can limit the amount of access your team has through the Ready to Serve App by setting up a 4-digit Pin! Keep on reading to find out how to set this up.

  1. Open the Ready to Serve App on your tablet. 
  2. Navigate to the three horizontal lines on the righthand (Menu). 
  3. Select ‘Set Pin’ underneath the Account settings.
  4. Enter your selected 4-digit Pin and select ‘Confirm’.
  5. Re-enter your 4-digit Pin and select ‘Submit’

Once you’ve set up your Pin, you will be prompted to enter it when accessing Opening Hours, Sales and Refunds, and Wait Time through your Ready to Serve App

Note: You can still access the general functionality of the Ready to Serve App, including being able to Out of Stock Items and Options without the Pin! 

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