Getting Started with HungryPay - The Innovative Pay@Table Solution by HungryHungry! Coming Soon...

HungryPay is an innovative solution designed to modernise and simplify the restaurant bill payment and splitting process. By delivering a smooth and hassle-free payment journey, it enhances your guests' overall dining experience. Integrated directly with your Point of Sale (POS) system, HungryPay enables customers to conveniently review, split, tip, and settle their bill right from their smartphones!

POS System Compatibility:
HungryPay automatically retrieves pending orders from your venue's POS, ensuring an accurate bill representation. We can currently connect to your POS system through Doshii. 

    Self-Service Payments:
    HungryPay allows customers to handle their bill payments independently, reducing staff involvement and increasing efficiency. Customers can pay their bills directly from their phones, allowing for a faster turnover of tables and less time spent on managing payments.

    Transparent Billing:
    Customers can view a detailed, itemised breakdown of their bill. This transparency ensures there's no confusion about what they're being charged for, improving overall customer satisfaction.

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    Simple Digital Payments:
    HungryPay supports multiple digital payment methods, providing customers with a range of options to settle their bill. This feature not only increases convenience but also reduces the need for physical currency transactions. 

    Bill Splitting 

    HungryPay utilises an intuitive 'Leader and Passenger' system for effortless bill splitting. The Leader breaks down the bill into manageable 'shares,' allowing Passengers to pick the portion they'd like to cover. The Leader then wraps things up, paying their part once all other shares have been settled, ensuring a precise and fair split. In a twist of generosity, any Passenger can step up to pay the entire bill or any remaining shares at any given moment - even those assigned to the Leader!


    HungryPay revolutionises the tipping experience, making it an enjoyable affair! As group members enter the payment lobby, they can easily include a tip ranging from 5% to 20%. Alternatively, they have the option to enter a custom tip amount by selecting "other." HungryPay also highlights the top tippers at each table, creating a friendly competition to secure the coveted number one spot!

    Become an Early Adopter 🚀

    Are you passionate about revolutionising the hospitality industry and eager to contribute to the development of innovative solutions? If so, we are currently seeking early adopters who can help us refine and shape the future of HungryPay.

    Secure your spot here and pioneer the future of hospitality with HungryPay!

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