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Hooked Feedback

Uncover valuable customer insights and take your venue to new heights with Hooked Feedback ๐Ÿš€

About Hooked Feedback

Gaining insightful feedback from your customers has never been simpler with Hooked Feedback! This cutting-edge feature empowers you to comprehend your customers' requirements and preferences by offering them a fast and effortless digital feedback form via SMS to complete after their order. 

Hooked Feedback will contain five specific questions for your customers to answer based on whether you're utilising In Venue fulfillments (Order@Table, Collect@Counter, and/or Room Service) or Out of Venue fulfillments (Pick-Up, Delivery, and/or Drive-Up). 

In Venue:
  • Rate your overall experience

  • How was your service?

  • How would you rate your food and drink?

  • How would you rate your ordering experience?

  • Is there anything youโ€™d like to tell us?

Out of Venue:

  • How would you rate your experience overall?
  • How would you rate the staff interactions you had?
  • How would you rate your food and drink?
  • How would you rate your ordering experience?
  • Is there anything youโ€™d like to tell us?

Your customers will also have the option to provide additional feedback beyond the initial five questions. This allows for more detailed insights into their experience and preferences. 

Data Provided By Hooked Feedback

Once your customers provide their feedback through Hooked Feedback, you can sit back and analyse it from the comfort of your couch or behind the bar. To access your data provided by Hooked Feedback:

  1. Navigate to HungryHungry here
  2. Select the Hooked (Marketing) tab. 
  3. Select Feedback. 
  • All feedback responses. This will allow you to search via location, fulfillment type, and order number. If a customer has left some actionable feedback as an example, you will be able to locate who has left the feedback with ease!

Untitled (1500 ร— 800 px)

  • An overall summary of your customer's feedback, which helps you identify what they love, the areas that need improvement, and how you can utilise certain features within HungryHungry to provide an enhanced customer experience.

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Your responses will update in real-time, assisting you to be able to catch any actionable feedback in a quick timeframe! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can the feedback form only be sent via SMS?
Answer: Currently yes, it's a unique link generated and sent via SMS.

Question: Does it send the SMS after each order? If so, what if a customer has multiple orders on the same day?
Answer: Only once per customer per location, even if they have multiple orders only one SMS will send.

Question: Can customers unsubscribe from this SMS?
Answer: Yes there will be an unsub link in the first SMS.

Question: Does it get sent to every customer or random?
Answer: Every customer.

Question: How long after the order does it send the SMS?
Answer: 24 hours after the customer's first order.

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