Food Dictionary and Multi-Language

Through HungryHungry, you can enable a Food Dictionary for those elaborate and unique ingredients, as well as allow your menu to be displayed in multiple languages!

Food Dictionary

We can enable Food Dictionary to assist with providing definitions for the item descriptions within your menu. This is particularly useful for more unique ingredients, so your customers have a complete understanding of the item!

Once this setting is enabled, words with definitions will be underlined so customers can simply click the word and the definition will appear. Here is what that will look like from a customers perspective below: 

If you notice that something is missing from our food dictionary, let us know so we can get this added

Note: We are only able to use universal definitions and not venue specific 


You also have the option of offering your menu in multiple languages! When this setting is enabled, you’ll see a globe on the top right-hand side of your menu. Once clicked, it will expand with different language options to choose from and will convert your entire menu into the selected language. Here is what that will look like from a customers perspective below:

If you’d like to set up either of these options, please reach out to our Customer Care team and they can assist you with this! You’ll find their details just below. 

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