Cross-Sell Groups

Cross-Sell Groups allow you to prompt your customers to add another item to their order by seamlessly offering some suggestions.

Cross-Sell Groups allow you to pair additional items with other menu items, such as pairing snack cross-sells with drinks or drinks and desserts with any other food items. Cross-Sells increase your average sale significantly and you can customise them to be completely unique to your venue and your customers ordering behaviours!

Here's a sneak peek of how Cross-Sell Groups appear on your menu:

Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 9.59.25 am

Create and Attach a Cross-Sell Group 

  1. Navigate to Change Menu Items and select Cross-Sell Group.
  2. Select 'Create New Gross-Sell Group'.
  3. Within the Basic Info tab, add a Title (don't be scared to get creative) and then add any Items you want to be included within the Cross-Sell Group.
  4. Navigate to the 'Menu Sections' tab to attach the Cross-Sell Group to either specific Menu Items or an entire Menu Section by selecting 'select all' next to the Menu Section. 
  5. Save and Publish your changes!

You can have up to 5 items within a Cross-Sell Group, so feel free to mix and match! 

Cross-Sell Groups

Cross-Sell Group Functionalities 

Besides providing your customers with added suggestions, we have also eliminated certain possibilities from happening to ensure your Cross-Sell Groups are an enjoyable customer experience. These include: 

  • Having an item within your Cross-Sell Group appearing on the same overall item. For example, if you've added a Margherita Pizza within a Cross-Sell Group and added it to all food items, your customers won't be Cross-Sold a Margherita Pizza with their Margherita Pizza. 
  • Cross-Sell Groups adhere to Item Availability. If you've marked an item as Out of Stock, it won't appear within the Cross-Sell Group.
  • Cross-Sell Groups also adhere to Time Triggers. If you've got an item within a Time-Triggered Menu Section, it won't appear within the Cross-Sell Group outside of those timeframes. 
  • No Options, Additions, or Minuses will show on the items within the Cross-Sell Group. If you have an item with a mandatory Option, it won't appear within the Cross-Sell Group. 
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