Creating Additions and linking it to an item


These are additional ingredients you can add to your items

To create an additional ingredient, hover to Change Menu Items and choose Addition Groups

You can click the button 'Create New Addition Group' or the (+) icon.

Fill out the Title to create a label for the additional item/group 

If you are creating multiple ingredients that has the same prices, you can set a default price. You can also add the prices per ingredient individually

Beside the Add Addition button, there is a drop-down to choose how many ingredients want to add.

Then fill in the items. Once complete. Click “Save”.

You can now add this ADDITIONAL GROUP of Sauces to an ITEM.


Please go to Change Menu Items. Choose “Items”.

Then Click on the ‘Filter Icon”. Choose a Menu Section (Section of an item you want to put on the additional group), Visibility & Price Level. You can select All if it is only one Price Level.

Then Select the item. Please click on the ADVANCE TAB.

Select Context. Then look for ADDITION GROUP. Then click “Save”.

To see changes, please go to PUBLISH CHANGES.

Your item should look like this, EXAMPLE ONLY.