Concierge - VIP Settings

Tag your customers as high-value customers through your Ready to Serve App!

You can now keep an eye on when your VIP customers have ordered through your Ready to Serve App to help you roll out the red carpet when they're in venue next whether thats with a personable greeting or a cheeky extra thank you with their order, you have the visibility and choice.

You have two editable conditions; the Amount spent in the last 30 days and the Number of orders in the last 30 days. 

TIP: Your customers will only have to meet one of the conditions to be tagged as high-value customers. As soon as one or both conditions have been reached, the VIP tag will be displayed beside orders placed by that VIP customer! 

  1. Open the Ready to Serve App on your tablet. 
  2. Navigate to the three horizontal lines on the righthand (Menu). 
  3. Select ‘VIP Settings’ underneath the Concierge tab. 
  4. Adjust the 'Amount spent in the last 30 days' and/or the 'Number of orders in the last 30 days'.
  5. Select 'Save'. 

VIP Settings

This is how the VIP tag appears through your Ready to Serve:

Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 1.44.31 pm

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