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Assisted Marketing

Win back lost customers and hook new customers in with the help of Assisted Marketing!

Everyone knows it's far more costly to gain new customers than to look after existing customers. We commonly get feedback from owners and managers that they exert a lot of time and effort gaining new customers, but when they drop off we have no way to bring them back.

Assisted Marketing finds customers who have either dropped off or recently ordered and sends a promotional message to them, offering them a small discount to hook them back and get them ordering with you again. The good news is, you have the ability to control the most important settings yourself! 

You will need to contact our Customer Care Heroes to enable/disable Assisted Marketing.

  1. Navigate to 'Hooked (Marketing)' and select 'Assisted Marketing'. 
  2. From here, you can edit the Discount, Minimum Spend, Win-Back Period, Enable Win-Back Promos and Enable First-Time Promos. 
  3. Once you've configured your preferred parameters, simply press Save.

Assisted Marketing

Once Assisted Marketing is enabled and has been running, you can also view some really insightful statistics! 

  1. Navigate to the backend of HungryHungry Here
  2. Scroll down to view 'Assisted Marketing'. 
  3. From here you can see the Total Revenue, Average Revenue/Conversion, Conversion Rate and the Average Discount. 
  4. You can also Configure Assisted Marketing from here too. 

     Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 12.58.53 pm

We do have some suggestions when it comes to utilising Assisted Marketing - so keep on reading to find out how to achieve the best result! 



The discount offered to your customers

Your options are: 10-15%, 15-20% or 20-25%. Larger discounts do have significantly better conversion rates, so it's best to keep that in mind. 

Minimum Spend 

A range for how much your customer has to spend to redeem

You get to select a range between $10 and $40. We have found that the best value for this is around what the customer usually spends, so we would recommend for you to have a bigger range, to allow Assisted Marketing to pick the optimal value.

Win-Back Period 

Which customers we target for Win-Back Promos

Win-back promos are sent to your customers who have ordered 2 or more times, with their last order being within X amount of days ago. We would recommend between 30-365 days as anything above has a fairly low redemption rate and anything below will be targeting customers who would have most likely ordered again anyway. 

Enable Win-Back Promos 

If enabled, Assisted Marketing will send a promo to people who have ordered 2 or more times, and last ordered within the stated 'Win-Back Period' amount. This will constitute the majority of the promos sent, so we'd definitely recommend having this toggled on! 

Enable First-Time Promos 

If enabled, Assisted Marketing will send a promo to people who ordered for the first time, within a few days of their first order. 

  • Assisted Marketing is free! HungryHungry charges no fees for this service, and will pay for the SMS. Your only cost is the small discount offered to retain lost customers.
  • Each Assisted Marketing Promo Code can only be redeemed once
  • If you have another promotion running alongside Assisted Marketing, your customers will only be able to apply a single promo code with each transaction. 

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