Adding HungryHungry to your Facebook page

Before you get started, you'll need:

Creating an Order Food button on Facebook

  1. Go to the Facebook Page that you manage
  2. Click the Edit button block on the right of the page
  3. Select Edit button
  4. Choose the Order Food action button
  5. Copy your entire HungryHungry URL from your browser e.g.
  6. Press the blue Save and voila!

Adding your Facebook Page ID to your HungryHungry site

  1. Ok, let's link up our account. Copy the Facebook Page ID that was created with your Facebook Page as per above.
  2. Login at
  3. Select "Website Settings" from the top menu, then select your website on the left.Knowledge Base FB 1
  4. Paste the page ID copied in #6 into Facebook Page ID.
    Knowledge Base FB 2
  5. Done!