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'Cashing Up' in OrderMate with HungryHungry

Settling your POS system with HungryHungry sales included

Now that your HungryHungry site is integrated with your OrderMate POS system, you will need to know how to track sales and how to process refunds going forward.

When orders come through to your POS system, there are a two ways these transactions can be settled. 

Settling to a Debtor Account 

We have already created a debtor account for you in OfficeMate called 'HungryHungry' and set it a high credit limit.

capture 2-4

  • Transactions taken online are sent to this debtor account automatically and can be easily located.
  • Any transactions that are refunded (full or partial) through the website will need to be  deleted from this debtor account before settling.
  • A full breakdown of Online Orders for the day can be printed if needed by printing this debtor account at the end of the day. (this is available in HungryHungry's backend also)
  • Settle the account fully as an Internet Prepayment (Under the Debit tab) at the end of the day to close it and reset it for the next day

  • This figure will appear in your Takings Report under the Debit tab


  • Fee's can be accounted for week to week when you receive your Invoice from HungryHungry

Settling Automatically as an Internet Prepayment

We recommend using this if your venue only offers same day Pick Up and Delivery or Order @ Table through your website.

  • Internet Prepayment totals are displayed under the OfficeDrawer in the Debit tab in your Takings Report
  • Confirmed Orders can be found in Closed Accounts depending on the type order it was (Online Pick Up, Online Delivery or Online Table)


  • Refunds will need to processed like normal and refunded as an Internet Prepayment (under the Debit tab)
  • Fee's can be accounted for week to week when you receive your Invoice from HungryHungry

Refunding transactions

Transactions taken through HungryHungry that need refunding, will need to be refunded in HungryHungry first and then adjusted in WaiterMate after.

  • If you are settling into a Debtor Account, you can simply delete the item(s) from the transaction OR delete the entire transaction altogher
  • If you are settling automatically to a payment type, you will need to find the transaction in Closed Accounts and refund it as an Internet Prepayment, this can be found under the payment methods