Re-sequencing items within your collections (sizes)


When you have an item with multiple sizes that you want grouped together, a collection is used. The OrderMate POS import will automatically create a collection for everything that has multiple sizes.

OrderMate POS Sizes:

HungryHungry Collections:

Re-sequencing the collection items in HungryHungry

After your items have been imported and all collections have been automatically created, you may want to set a specific sequence (or order) for the items to be shown. In the example above, the pizza sizes have been sequenced from largest to smallest.

To edit the sequence, navigate within the HungryHungry admin to the "content" menu, then select "collections.


Next, select the group that you want to work with from the drop-down list. For example: selecting the "pizze" group will show only the collections contained within that group.

Next, select a collection from the panel on the left that you wish to edit.

Beneath the "items" sub-heading, you will see each item within your collection. You can  re-sequence them quite easily by clicking on the move icon and dragging the items to the desired position.

When you're done editing this collection, be sure to click save.