Preparing H&L POS for HungryHungry

Yay, your POS system can seamlessly integrate into HungryHungry. Here is what you need to know to get started:

HungryHungry does a menu import out of H&L, this is how you can prepare your menu and choose the items you want to import.

1) You will need to have a Super PLU Group attached to any PLU Group you want to be included in the import! We recommend creating one called 'HungryHungry' and attaching to all your PLU Groups (don't worry this feature was designed for retail customers and it's highly unlikely you are using it for anything!.
Note: PLU Group in H&L = Section in HungryHungry

2) You can also untick the 'include in export' box for any items in your plu-groups that you do not wish to import to HungryHungry. There is an easy way to add this to your list so and enable editing in list view to make this super easy!

Watch the video below for an overview of both these steps:

🔥TIP: The H&L team can run a script to untick the 'include in export' checkbox so all you need to do it tick on what you want!