This article is customers who are not POS Integrated & will use our app to receive orders.


OOHUB allows restaurants to manage and track their incoming or outgoing orders using mobile devices. It can set the ETA of incoming orders and can bump it off when it is done. This can also be used to print receipts using bluetooth printers. 

Note that Order Manager does not have the functionality to take orders and is only limited to manage created orders from restaurants. 


App download

The Order Manager App can be found on:

 - App Store

 - Google Play

 - Sunmi Partner




  1. In the Login Screen, provide your Email and Password credentials. You can find these details in Accounts Details from


  2. If you want to use the same credentials every time you use the app, toggle the Remember Me to save your credentials. 

  3. After successfully logging in, users are prompted with a popup with all the available stores linked to that account. If it happens that there is only 1 store available, this step will be skipped 
    and automatically set that as the default store. 

    The orders from the selected store in this screen will be loaded upon clicking "OK". 


Front of House


Front of House Screen provides all the significant functions to manage all incoming orders. Such functions are used to set an ETA, bump orders and view order details. Aside from management controls, stats and most recent orders are available in this screen.

    1. The Menu contains some of the essential functions such as Log Out and setting a Run Time. To toggle the Menu, click the  button found in the top right corner of the Front of House screen. 

    2. From the top section of the screen, the charts and stats are displayed to monitor the hourly progress of the restaurant. The charts and stats update in real time thus every time an online order comes in. 



  1. The next section, Incoming Order Section, contains all the new and bumped orders separated by their respective headers NEW ORDERS and OLD ORDERS. This section will update every 15 seconds by default or depending on how long you set the Bump Frequency found in your admin Order Manager Screen. 

  2. The orders are included in every update as long as the order time is  still within the maximum minute value set in the Order Manager Screen. 


  3. For every Order item,
    1. The number on the left side means how long the order has been from the time it is created. The number is in minutes. 

    2. Full Name, Order Number and Number of items are displayed right next to the minutes. Delivery suburbs are displayed for delivery fulfillments. 

    3. The Icon on the right side indicates the kind of fulfillment type used. 

    4. The Orange bar found on the rightmost side of each item in NEW ORDERS group indicates that the ETA is not yet set for that particular order. 

    5. Can swipe the items to left to show the quick order management controls. These controls are:
      1. Set ETA    
      2. Bump Orders    
      3. Unbump Orders  
      4. Print Receipt (Available in Android only)

    6. Can click the items to show a more detailed page with all the order items displayed. 


Back of House  


This part of the app is essentially used for viewing orders with all the details displayed right away. Like the Front of House, this page gets updated every 15 seconds.

There are 2 sections which are the NEW Page and the OLD Page. You can change the Page by clicking the top right button "OLD" to view the bumped orders and "NEW" to view the incoming orders. 

Back of House Screen is only available for Android tablets and iPad only.