Modifiers - How to create Auto Modi & Modifiers and Assign to Items

Modifiers in Impos add options such as “how would you like your eggs cooked - poached, fried, sunny side up” or another example would be “Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Ginger ale” in your spirits choices. The above are classed as auto modifiers as these pop-up every time you select the item from the POS. Auto modifiers are very similar to up selling tools when they carry across to HungryHungry, adding a normal modifier is exactly the same process however you wouldn't select it as an “Auto-Modi” so then it wouldn't pop up every time in the POS.
Auto modifiers follow six steps when and adding them into Impos Back Office:
  • Create an Item
  • Tick “Auto-Modi” selection box on the item
  • Create Modifiers
  • Create a Sub-list of type Modi-List
  • Assign Modifiers to the list
  • Assign the list to the item
Below is process start to finish:
1. Select “Items” from the “Menu Details” drop down, and head to the “Add” Tab. Enter the name, select a department, and add a price, and press Save
2. For the Item we’ve just created, Tick the “Auto Modi” Tickbox. What this means for the program is that something will popup when this item is sold
3. Select “Modifiers” from the “Menu Details” drop down, and head to the “Add” Tab to create modifiers for our steaks, for this example, we’ll need a modifier for each of our cooking temperatures, AND modifiers for our sauces
Ie. Rare, Medium-Rare, Medium etc. AND Gravy, Peppercorn, Mustard etc.
4. Creating a sub-list: Sub-Lists can be thought of as pages, and they come in 2 types. The main page you order items from is a Sub-List of type sub-list, however a smaller popup style exists.We’re going to create 2 popups, one called “Cooking Temp” and one called “Sauce”, both of type modi-list. Head to the “Menu Details” drop-down and select “Sub-List”. You are able to view a list of existing Sub-Lists on the left.To create a new Sub-List, press “Auto”, and enter a Name for the sub-list, in this case, “Cooking Temp” and press “Save New”.Once you’ve created the new sub-list, locate it in the list on the left.Select “Modi-List” from the checkboxes in the top right. Follow the same set of steps for the creation of the “Sauce” modi-list
5. Now to assign modifiers to the list. First select the sub-list “Cooking Temp” from the list on the left. In the searching criteria on the right, select modifiers.Drag in the modifiers for Rare, Medium Rare, Medium etc. This is the list of modifiers that will popup. Follow the same set of steps for the assigning of modifiers to the “Sauce” Modi-List
6. Head to “Menu Details” drop down, and select “Auto-Modifiers”.The list of items at the top of this window is every item with “Auto Modi” ticked.Find the Steak Item we created in step 1, and we’ll now assign what pops up when Steak is sold.In the “Menu item selection”, select “List” from the “Type” drop down, as in this case we would like a list of modifiers that we’ve put together to show up, not just individual modifiers.Select the “Cooking Temp” list and drag it into the Details section.Do the same for the “Sauce” list.
The Steak item is now ready to be sold, and will first prompt for a cooking temp, then a sauce.
Please be aware that:
  • Min and Max doesn’t carry across to HungryHungry
  • You will need to click the assign button in Doshii to have these Modifiers assigned to the item in HungryHungry as well as Impos
  • Adjustments DO NOT CARRY across to HungryHungry ONLY Modifiers