Managing your HungryHungry menu with OfficeMate

Now that your initial menu has been built for HungryHungry, it is important to know how you can manage this going forward and how this works with your OfficeMate system.

How it works

HungryHungry sends orders through  to WaiterMate the exact same way as if a member of staff opened a table/takeaway order, selected the items and options and closed it off with the payment in hand.

This means that your items print exactly where they are assigned to and your stock levels are adjusted accordingly.

Items are brought over however they are created in OfficeMate. Meaning if there are any abbreviations, spelling mistakes and general grammar issues,  they are all going to be seen and read by the customer. These can be adjusted in HungryHungry but we recommend giving your OfficeMate a good 'once over' for these errors  to make life easier for you moving forward.

Sequence numbers (numerical order items are listed in) are also brought over along with menu sections, sub-sections, additions, minuses and options. In an ideal world, your WaiterMate terminal should mirror your HungryHungry menu. This will make adjusting A LOT easier.

Adding new items

One of the bonuses of integrating with OfficeMate is that all of your items have already been created! To manage which items we want to bring over to HungryHungry from OfficeMate is done with Price Levels. We should have already created one to two for you depending on your set up (Order @ Table / Online Ordering).

OfficeMate > Maintenance > Items > Item Prices

If you wish to bring an item over to your HungryHungry menu with all its options, additions, minuses e.t.c... simply enter a price in the Order @ Table / Online Ordering Price Level. If you do not want to bring an item over, leave the price completely blank (not even a zero..).

If you have set up combos in OfficeMate and want to bring them over too, just make sure that all items included in that combo have this Price Level filled in.

If your item has been brought over previously by OfficeMate but you now what to remove it. Delete the price and run an import. The item will still exist in the backend of HungryHungry but it will not appear on your HungryHungry site.

Import, check, decorate, publish!

To update your HungryHungry menu, you will need to run imports. Imports are quick and easy to run and can be done from any device. We do recommend a computer with a strong internet connection obviously!

Imports will only appear if you are integrated with OrderMate.

In the backend of HungryHungry, go to Change Store Setup > Imports. Select your Import schedule on the left (some venues may have a couple). This will then bring up where you Prepare your import. After hitting Prepare Import, it will give you a preview of what items/changes have been made. Anything new will be highlighted in green along with the words NEW! along side it.

When you have checked that you have all the correct items coming across. Click on Import Now.

After you import has run, go to Change Menu Items > Menu Sections. This will refresh any new menu sections you have brought over and you can also reorganise the order the sections display in. Click save.

Then, go to Change Menu Items > Menu Editor. This is where you can add in any photos and descriptions to your newly arrived items. Click Save.

Finally, to update the website itself. Go to View My Store > Publish Changes.

Changing Prices

Similar to bringing over items. Price changes are also done in the Item Prices section. When you change the price for an item in WaiterMate, it won't change it for every price level. You will need to log into OfficeMate to make these price changes for HungryHungry to bring them across.