Monitoring HungryHungry Takings in OfficeMate & WaiterMate

Where do your sales live in your reporting?

Orders that are completed through HungryHungry are recorded in OfficeMate as an Internet Prepayment. You can find this figure under the Debit category in your Takings Report. 

You will be invoiced once a week by HungryHungry for all sales made through the website minus any agreed fees.

In your takings report, you can filter in the dates mentioned in your invoice and make sure that both your HungryHungry statement and your OfficeMate takings report match. Keep in mind, that the figure in OfficeMate does not take into consideration the fees that will be taken away. 



In the case of refunding. You will need to refund in TWO places.

  1. In the backend of HungryHungry

    Go to Store Earnings & Reports > Sales & Refunds

    Find the order that needs to be refunded and click on the Pink Cog in the far right column and follow the prompts for Refunding.

    You can do either a full or partial refund by entering in the amount when prompted.

  2. In WaiterMate

    Select the item(s) that needs to be refunded in WaiterMate. Press into the Item and set it to Refund

    Hit Save, then go to Pay.

    Internet Prepayments live under the Debit tab on the side.

    It is important to process all of your refunds through WaiterMate so that your total at the end of the week matches what you will be invoiced for.