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Introducing HungryHungry to your guests

We've broken down how you can introduce HungryHungry to your guests so they can have a seamless ordering experience in your venue!

Keys to success! 

👋  Introducing your guests to HungryHungry! 

Greet your customers as normal and as they're being seated, point out the QR Codes on the tables.

We've created some examples below of how you can initially introduce your HungryHungry menu, as well as how to continue the conversation with your customers depending on their exposure to contactless ordering:

Staff: "Our full menu is available digitally through these QR codes and you can order and pay from your table. Have you tried contactless ordering before?”

If YES: “Great, just scan this code and feel free to put a couple of drinks through, and then we can get them out to you while you browse the food menu”.

If NO: “No problem, it’s really easy. Just scan the QR code with your phone’s camera and start by putting through a couple of drinks or entrees. It will remember your payment details for up to 24 hours, to make re-ordering as easy as possible. You can continue to put through as many orders as you like & we will bring everything out to you as it’s ready."

💥 Track behaviours with the OrderManager 

Through the OrderManager App, you can easily monitor table activity! You'll have full visibility over your sections and will be notified of an order as soon as it is placed. The OrderManager will display customer insights, order information, and how long your customers have been waiting

If you notice a table without any orders coming in, now is a good time to engage with them to let them know that you're there to help! Here's how: 

Staff: "I’ve noticed that we haven’t received any orders from you, is everything ok?"

If YES: Leave them to explore the menu for 5 to 10 minutes. Before going back to the table, check the tablet to see if any orders have popped up or if any colleagues have taken an order. 

If NO: There’s no need to push them. You can still take orders at the table, but preferably customers will order through HungryHungry so you don’t have to take orders and settle payments manually.

📄 Order Batching 

Got a few big tables? Order Batching will hold an order, waiting for additional orders to be added! After a nominated amount of time, all orders placed on that table will send through as one collective order

We recommend encouraging your guests to be mindful of this, here's how: 

  • Ask guests to make sure they have "I'm ordering with some friends" toggled ON
  • Ask them to wait for everyone to be ready before completing their individual payments. 


Collect@Counter allows your customers to place their order through the QR Code and receive an SMS when their order is ready to be collected from a specified location! 

There are two SMSs involved: 

  • SMS 1 - This is an automatic confirmation sent from HungryHungry that the order has been placed. 
  • SMS 2 - This is a manual SMS triggered by YOU that the order is ready to be collected. This is sent via the OrderManager tablet screen. 

🙌  Simply get guests to Scan, Order & Pay with ease. 

Feel free to view this slideshow for more details on introducing HungryHungry to your guests!

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