How tips appear in the POS from HungryHungry

Sometimes you may find that your delivery fee and the amount charged do not line up, especially if this is in your favour.

The reasoning behind this is simple. It is usually because your customer provided you a Tip on top of what they have already paid. You can actually check this via the HungryHungry back end via the steps below:

1. Login to HungryHungry by heading to You should see a screen that looks a bit like the below:

2. From here hover over "Store Earnings and reports and click "sales and refunds". The result should be a screen that looks like the below:

3. From here you can see a column that says "Tips". Scroll down the page to find the order that has a tip in it. Below is an example of such an order:

4. You can see in the above order that a 10 dollar tip was applied to the order.