Updating Your Menu

Updating Your Menu through the Doshii & HungryHungry Backend

Once in the Doshii Backend menu in the top center you will have a drop-down box you can select the venue's direct Impos menu which will be listed as a venue name or you can view the HungryHungry menu this will be what you have already linked up to import. You can also see the last time the venue pushed the data across from the backend in Impos. (Example Below)
Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 10.18.34 am

To check the last time the venue physically pushed the data across the back and it is located on the right, if this is more than a week ago I recommend doing a physical push which can be done in the Impos backend.
  1. Open your Back Office Program.
  2. Navigate to Integrations > Doshii Configuration
  3. Venue > Set/ Reset Menu
  4. You can also reset your Menu ID here but this isn’t something you do unless Doshii can’t connect to the venue
Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 10.18.53 am
On the right-hand side you can see exactly how many items are set up in IMPOS for the John Curtin; they have 241 items in their POS, the max you can view is 100 items at a time and there assigned modifiers. (Pictures Above). All items have an ID number and all modifiers have an ID number, however,  these numbers don't play a significant role in HungryHungry. 
You will have some items that you don't need to carry a cross into HungryHungry such as open department items for both food and Beverage these are so that staff can put in manual orders potentially put themselves as staff meals or so that they can type out creative cocktails or food items.
Example Below:
Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 10.18.49 am
Linking Menu Items In Doshii
When viewing the direct from IMPOS Menu for the Venue. Depending on your POS, you may notice that there are missing details, abbreviations, there may be no description of an item. When you link an item with HungryHungry, you can customise the description for each item of your Menu, there (the same as ALL integrations).
There are 4 columns that you will need to review and/or edit for each item, not all carry across into HungryHungry:
  • Product: the name of your item (Carry’s across)
  • Description: a full description of each item (DOES NOT carry across)
  • Price: per item (Carry’s across, can be changed here or in HungryHungry however keep this consistent across all items)
  • Tags: the category of the item, eg breakfast, lunch, starters (Carry’s across, as menu sections)
  • Modifiers (Carry across when they have been selected too)
Choose your item you wish to link, Coopers Pale Ale, and select the link (chain) icon.
Once you select this link icon, this pop-up box will appear for linking menu items. The only thing you would normally edit within this popup would be potentially the price if you would like to change the price from what it said in Impulse you can do this here in the custom item price section however make sure that if you are changing prices that you do this consistently in one place (so choose between HungryHungry and Doshii).
The custom dietary info reception currently does not carry across as tags into HungryHungry so don't worry about this too much however we are looking at doing this further down the line.
This is also where you would select your custom modifiers to appear and carry across with your item. Example: Coopers Pale Ale have a custom modifier selected for different sizes & prices of beer. These modifiers will not be automatically ticked on so you need to make sure that you do it for each item that you want the modifier to carry across for.
Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 10.24.07 am
There are some Global Doshii options however I wouldn't worry about these too much just make sure that modifiers have been set up in POS correctly as listed above.
Checking your Menu before Import
To check your menu before importing change your view so as above I'm currently viewing the direct Impos menus I change it to app: HungryHungry.
Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 10.18.39 am
Once here I can see every item that has been linked and that will carry across in a HungryHungry Imports to unlink an item you simply just select the chain icon with a break in it. (Pictured below) You will also be able to see the modifiers here for example our Coopers Pale Ale is sitting at $0 because the modifiers make you choose a size so in HungyrHungry that item will be listed as $0 until I consume I choose is there size which will add the additional price on to the item in HungryHungry for check out.
Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 10.19.06 am