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Consumer Platform Fee

With consumer platform fees becoming commonplace within the industry, we have now adapted this to our HungryHungry platform. 

The consumer platform fee ranges from $0.20 to $4 and is displayed clearly as part of the consumer's checkout process. This fee does not apply to dine-in consumers.

This fee is part of the total order value but is not venue revenue. It is a platform fee that is paid directly from the consumers to HungryHungry. As this is a platform fee, it is not something that our partnering venues can opt-out of. 

As a company, we deeply appreciate the challenges that hospitality venues have to face, so we felt it was imperative to include a consumer platform fee into our business model so that we maintain the service fees that represent great value for our venues.

How is this shown to the consumer? 

Absolutely! The consumer platform fee will be transparently passed onto the consumer when they are both placing their orders as well as during the check-out process.

Platform Fee

Can you see the amount charged to the consumer?

Yes, the amount charged to consumers is shown on the Weekly Invoice Statement that HungryHungry provides venues (the below image is an example only).

Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 12.41.02 pm

NOTE: There will be no increase in your HungryHungry service fee as a venue. This is solely a platform fee for consumers.

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