Combo Building in OrderMate

How to start Combo Building in OrderMate is a common question we get asked here at HungryHungry, here is a quick overview

- If you need more assistance please check out the ORDERMATE KNOWLEDGE BASE


There are 4 types of combos you can offer within OrderMate, usually, at HungryHungry we see the Flat Price Combo the most, for setting up family packs, dinner pack etc. We will be focusing on Flat Price Combos. 


An OrderMate POS Combo for a Flat Price Combo applies a flat price to the selected items within the combo.

For Example:
"Buy any Coffee and any Cake for $8.50"

"Buy any Main Meal and a Bottle of Wine for $30.00"


  1. Select the desired combo 'Flat Price Combo'. 
  2. Give your combo a "Name". This will identify your combo on the receipt for your customers and will copy across to HungryHungry. 
  3. If you would like, set a "Short Name" for your combo. This will print on the prep dockets after each individual item within the combo.
  4. Tick "Show in menu" if you would like a button for your combo in WaiterMate > All Combos will automatically carry across to HungryHungry when you do a FRESH/NEW Import.
  5. Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 10.33.27 am

  7. In our coffee & cake example, we are going to need 2 combo groups: Coffee (in which the customer can choose one from any hot drink) > Cake (in which the customer can choose one from any cake)
  8. Click on the " + " (Add) icon to add a new combo group.
  9. Enter a "Name" for your combo group.
  10. Set the "Min" and "Max" quantity that is allowed to be selected within this combo group. Setting this to Min:1, Max:1 will allow the customer to choose only one coffee item.
  11. You can now add items to your combo group by either including whole "Sections", or individual "Items". In this example, we're simply adding the Coffee section, which means that the customer will be able to choose any item within that section.
  12. Click "Ok" to add this combo group to your combo.
  13. Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 10.33.33 am
  14. To set up the "Cake" combo group simply repeat the steps above, but select the desired cake section or individual items. 
  15. AND JUST LIKE IT HUNGRY HUNGRY > When you have finished, be sure to save! 
  16. Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 10.36.11 am



  • NOTE: Adding a "price add" to certain items within a combo group can be a good way to include premium items. A price add will increase the cost of a flat priced combo. 
  • OrderMate is there to help contact their helpline or your Account Manager for more help on all things OrderMate
  • It's great to set up an OrderMate Training or PhoneCall when setting up your HungryHungry so you can ask OrderMate all things OrderMate!