AI Marketing

Win back lost customers with SMS promos

Everyone knows it's far more costly to gain new customers than to look after existing customers. We commonly get feedback from owners and managers that they exert a lot of time and effort gaining new customers, but when they drop off we have no way to bring them back.

Our new AI Marketing tool will help with this, enticing lost customers back with an SMS promo code, and helping you turn them into regulars.

This page answers some of the questions that you might have about it:


1. What is AI Marketing?

Our Artificial Intelligence marketing tool finds customers who have dropped off and sends a promotional message to them, offering them a small discount to win them back and get them ordering with you again. The AI works away in the background to come up with a personalised discount for each customer and deliver it to them at the opportune time, which has a massive impact on their buying decision.

2. What do the messages look like?

We currently send SMS to customers with a promo code. Here's an example:


When the user clicks Redeem, they'll be taken to your menu, with the promo code added to their cart:


3. Who will get these messages?

To win back lost customers and maximise revenue, our Artificial Intelligence calculates the best people to send messages to, when to send the messages and what discount is needed to get them ordering with you again.


4. What's the maximum discount that AI Marketing will offer?

Currently, the maximum discount AI Marketing will offer is the equivalent of a 20% discount. It may send offers with the equivalent of a 25% discount in the future.

5. How much does AI Marketing cost?

It's free. HungryHungry charges no fees for this service, and will pay for the SMS. Your only cost is the small discount offered to retain lost customers.


6. I sometimes create Promo Codes in Hungry Hungry. Will customers be able to redeem multiple promo codes to get a bigger discount?

No, only a single promo code can be redeemed with each transaction.

7. Can I upload a list of customers from another source to send messages to them?

We don't currently have this feature, as our AI needs to know more than just their contact details. We suggest using SMS Marketing (under Premium Tools in OOHQ) to send bulk SMS to these people. If they make an order, AI Marketing will help you retain them.

8. How will I know how much money this is making me?

Your weekly success report email will have a summary of how much money AI Marketing made you and how many customers were retained in the past week. Eg:


9. How can I Turn AI Marketing On/Off?

Just contact us at