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HungryHungry 101

Navigating the HungryHungry Backend

Please watch the overview video below on how to navigate the HungryHungry backend, there are then corresponding video's below on navigating each section. These are supported by more detailed articles on our functionality. Depending on whether you use our OOHUB product or are POS integrated there will different articles relevant to you.

Menu Items

This is the best place to organise your menu including adding detailed descriptions and photos!

🔥Hot Tip: Crop all food photos to square for consistency, we like to use this online tool. + check out these smartphone Photography Tips

Click for more Videos on Menu Management for ooHUB

Click for more Videos on Menu Management for OrderMate POS

Store Setup 

This is where you can adjust your settings for each location, including settings for individual fulfillments (eg Pick-Up, Delivery, Order@Table) 

You can also control your website styling & opening hours in here.

Opening Hours

Website Styling

Refunds & Reports

This is where you can see all of your sales, process refunds, and generate/export reports.

Process a Refund

Marketing Tools 

Promo Codes

SMS Marketing

Store Bio